दिव्यांग व्यावसायिकांना दुकानाच्या बांधकामासाठी कर्ज योजना

Only Maharashtra State Divyang Person Purpose:- To provide financial assistance in form of a loan to the target group for theconstruction of a Commercial/Business premised on own loan/long terms lease for starting self-employment activity.
Objective: The main objective of the Scheme is to assist the needy disabled persons by providing composite concessional loans for the construction of Commercial/Business premises and starting self-employment activity. The Commercial/Business premises Constructed under the scheme must be approved by the concerned department i.e Development Authority or Urban Improvement Trust etc.
Financed to be provided for:- For the construction of Commercial/Business premises and for starting self-employment activity.
Eligibility:- 1) As per NHFDC norms for self-employment loan. 2) Land on which construction of Commercial/Business premises is proposed should be owned by the applicant or it is on a long-term lease of above 20 years from Government authority. As of the date of application to NHFDC the lease period remain should be 20 years.
Amount of Loan:- Loan up to Rs. 3.00 lakh( Loan amount shall be determined depending on the repaying capacity of the borrower within the repayment period.)
Rate of Interest:- Loan Amount To be paid by SCAs to NHFDCI) Upto Rs. 50,000/- 2% 5%
To be paid by beneficiaries to SCAs  II)Above Rs. 50,000/- 3% 6% upto Rs. 3.0 lakh
Note:- A rebate of interest is given to beneficiaries under the scheme as per  NHFDC norms.
Repayment of Loan:- The loan is to be repaid within 10 years.
Procedure for Obtaining Loan:- Application in the prescribed format is to be submitted to the State Channelizing Agency or implementing agency as nominated by NHFDC for sanction of loan as per procedure laid down in the lending policy of National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation. Other terms & conditions of a loan under the scheme shall be as per the l
ending policy of NHFDC for self-employment.
Rights of NHFDC:- In case of any dispute, the decision of the CMD, NHFDC will be final & binding.

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